Health Update
Hey all

Just thought I'd let you know I won't be around for quite a while.

I've just been given the worst kind of news - my recent bleed was due to Endometrial Cancer. There are problems with my treatment because of my previous surgeries and so I am having to make some very difficult decisions.

My darling husband and I need some time to deal with this and I'm having difficulty concentrating as you can imagine. So I'm going to be away for a while.

I look forward to coming back and catching up on all the brilliant fic etc.

Be good to each other and please spare me a thought or two.

Much love XXX

Thank You
Thanks to everyone who sent their love and kind thoughts after my last post. It means so much to have you all out there caring so much. I'll let you now if there anything happens but I think there will be nothing until 10th Jan.

Have a wonderful Christmas you beautiful people and I will endeavour to be back soon.

Much Love.... 

I'm in Hospital - it must be Christmas!!

I know it's been an age since I have posted anything at all and I am surprised how long it's been.

Things were starting to get better. My wound eventually healed and I've started to get a handle on my nutritional needs although I still have vague and random reactions to foods that didn't affect me before. I'm learning to cope and the weight loss (119 pounds so far) is a bit of a silver lining. I was even toying with the idea of doing a little light teaching after Christmas - although my voice is still none existent due to the damage to my stomach wall.

Then God in His wisdom ( and I know it's a he!) decided that things were going too well and on the anniversary of the day I was discharged from hospital last year, 10th Dec, I had a massive PV haemorrhage which ended up with me as an emergency admission. I had 3 units of blood and still only had a HB level of 8.6. They sent me home after 5 days after giving me a scan which showed cysts on my ovaries and a thickening of my womb lining. I have to have a hysteroscopy  (camera in the womb) on 10th January and they have taken blood tests for CA125 which I think is to rule out cancer. The Gynaecologist was very reasurring and says the cysts look like simple cysts on the scan so not to worry but it's best to check. When I have had all the investigations then they will be able to give me my options although the worry is that if I have ovarian cysts my previous surgery has left me with serious problems if I need any further abdominal surgery so we will have to wait and see.

Unfortunately I had a recurrent bleed after I had been home so I was whizzed back in. I'm home now with extra hormones, and meds to make clots but I feel like someone has vampired me and I'm pretty useless spending most of my time asleep or with a hormone induced migraine. So once again Christmas is going to be a bit of a write off.

Well whining over - I wanted to wish you all the best for whatever you celebrate at this time of year and to apologise for my absence. I am still reading when I can but I am very lax at leaving comments. I had a go at writing the next chapter of Twin Solitudes but 1000 words of crap later I gave it up as a bad job.

Please keep posting  - I miss Ten so much and find myself unable to feel anything but meh for Eleven.'s weird looks and mediocre acting. For the first time in my whole Who watching (since 1966) I haven't seen the whole of a series.  His first Christmas special is not going to make this crappy time any better so anything you post of Nine or Ten will be ravenously devoured by me.

Love to you all and Happy Holidays.


Some Roles May Require The Wearing Of Full Face Monster Character Costume!!!

Just found this on a music industry website. How exciting!!!!

I'm just sad that my current health won't allow me to audition :(  Ah well C'est  la vie.

We are seeking:

Actors (m/f) who can sing & dance to play multiple roles in the Doctor Who Stage Spectacular.

Some roles may require the wearing of full face monster character costume.

The live show will tour major UK arena venues from 8th October to 7th November 2010.

Auditions will be in the week commencing 5th July. Rehearsals start 13th September.

Please send your CV (include your exact height) and one photograph by 28th June


Fic: Twin Solitudes 20/? Ten/Rose Jack/OC NC-17

Title: Twin Solitudes (20/?)
Rating: PG rising to NC-17 from chapter 4.
Characters: Ten/Rose, Jack, OC.
Beta: The amazing[info]caraskye

Summary: " from one being to another can only be that twin solitudes come nearer, recognize and protect and comfort each other." Han Suyin. Charis's life so far has been fraught with grief and unhappiness. Can an old face help her find happiness and can the Doctor and Rose accept the inevitable.
Disclaimer: All recognisable characters and places are not mine they belong to RTD. The children however are another thing...
A/N: Twin solitudes is the third in 'The TARDIS Prophecies' series following immediately from

HeartsickCollapse )


EquilibriumCollapse )

(Links direct to Teaspoon), and I suggest you read those first.

So I lied when I said it would be a couple of WEEKS before this was updated. In fact it has actually been 6 months and a long hard road back to a place where writing this has been possible. But I am here and although I won't say this has been easy to write it does feel like coming home. So finally we find out what Charis has been staring at for the last 6 months and the fate of 'Little Jack' !! My love and thanks go to frintennant  for holding my hand and reading all my revisions.

WARNING: This chapter has some non-con themes.




Chapter 20Collapse )


The Bolding Meme
I really enjoyed lorelaisquared  take on this using Ten as the subject. I thought I'd be boring and do it for myself. :) 

Under here for memageCollapse )

Regional English Meme.
I saw this on several of my flist's journals and feeling like a lttle light posting thought  would add my Brit variants into the mix. :)

MemeCollapse )This was really interesting to do and it was interesting to read the way other people describe these things :) Different UK regions have different words of course and there are a lot of American influenced words appearing all the time. Hey Ho, the UK has always been good at absorbing other cultures references so it's all good.

Hello you wonderful people!!!!
Hey there you beautiful people.

Just stretching my brain a little to say Hi! to you all and to thank you for your wonderful wishes and thoughts whilst I was in hospital.

As some of you know already the operation was much more drastic and far reaching than first planned and I am still making slow progress - although things are looking much brighter. My concentration span is begining to be more than just a few seconds but I get so tired so quickly that my normal levels of mental ability are out of reach for the moment. I am just starting to be able to read some of your fics and look at the very sexy picspams. It's so nice to know that you are all still out there, still enjoying the same things and sharing them with each other. I will try to start to comment again now.

The future is looking brighter now although things will never be the same as they were. There was a point soon after the operation when my wonderful husband was warned that I may not make it through the night. But I am here and gradually getting better so the silver lining on the cloud is exceptionally thick!! I still have an open wound and the nurses are coming in twice a week to dress it. Because of the distinct lack of anything of nutritional value getting into my system it is taking far longer than usual for the wound to heal and over the last couple of weeks it has taken a bit of a backwards step which is very very frustrating indeed. Still it is so much better now than it was at Christmas when you could get your whole hand inside it and see quite clearly my internal organs - very amusing as you can imagine.

I'll post all the detail later when I have a little more brain but suffice to say, I am still here, still reading and very, very grateful for all your wonderful thoughts. Maybe I'll even be able to finish Twin Solitudes one day - but not not today so I apologise if there is anyone still waiting for Charis to be let down off that cliff.

caraskye  ,  frintennant  and doctorstimelady     have been wonderful friends, and my husband has appreciated their tireless support. I am so lucky to have their friendship in my life.

And to the anonymous person who has gifted me with 6 months of paid account time on my journal - I cannot begin to thank you for your generosity. I wish you would let me know who you are so I can at least thank you personally.

Love to you all.

Health Update 9
Sorry for not updating sooner, but I have been poorly myself and am just up and about.

doctorsdiva  is now recovering at home. She is still in a lot of pain but seems to be through the worst of the danger :-) She is making steady progress and wants to be back with us all as soon as she can.' Happy Holidays all!


Health Update 8
Good news again!

doctorsdiva was moved to an ordinary ward and if she continues to recover like this she could be home next week!

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